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At Car Rental Help Center, we help our customers navigate through the rental process and get you the right car at the right rate.

For years, the car rental process has been a headache... From hidden fees, dealing with insurance, and the never ending phone calls with the support team to try to figure out why the rental you booked is now unavailable.

Since we are upfront with our pricing, you know you are getting the best deal without they worry of being taken advantage of. At Car Rental Help Center we make renting a car simple an easy.

We welcome all costumers including:

  • International Driver
  • Debit Card Deposit

  • Cash Deposits
  • Under 25 Rental
  • Bad Credit

Have You Had Trouble Finding or Renting a Car? We're Your Solution!

Car Rental Help Center is here to help anyone who needs to rent a car at a great price!.

Trouble Finding a
We help customers having trouble renting a car that most rental agencies won't bother helping.
We Accept Cash
We will help you rent a car on a cash deposit basis.

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Under 25 Years Old?
No Problem
Renting a car for the first time can be a bit of a struggle. We make the process easier and more cost effective. Being under 25 is not a problem when renting with us.
24 Hour Support
Call us at 619-297-5555 if you have any other questions or concerns in regards to renting a car or about your rental reservation.

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Our goal is to work in all major US airports. Let us know if you need our service at your place of destination. Call 619-297-5555.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I arrived for a business trip and couldn’t use my company’s credit card. Was stuck at the airport not able to rent a car. I was directed to CRHC, who in turn shuttled me to their location and got me going without delay. I have used them ever since.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Most independent and privately owned car rental companies will accept debit cards but the deposit amount may vary.
Yes. But independent car rental companies treat them as cash deposit or ask you to withdraw cash from the bank and use the cash as deposit. The refund time for these cards can sometimes take weeks.
Yes. Some independently and private owned car rental companies allow third party credit card authorization. You may have to fill out a faxed form or email to verify cardholders authorization for use of the credit card.
Sometimes car rental companies have direct payment accounts with insurance companies. It is not difficult to have a car rental company call the insurance adjust and set up the payment.
Some car rental companies allow out of state driving. This will depend largely on their insurance policy state to state coverage.
Sometimes. It all depends on each individual car rental company. Usually the bigger the company, the higher the chance of unlimited mileage. Many independently owned car companies have limitations on their mileage but are always negotiable and reasonable.
No. You should be refunded in full if you cancel your reservation with a car rental company. Sometimes there is a fee if you cancel within a specified time, but if you don’t rent, they cant collect.
Most car rental companies require a deposit in addition to the car rental fee. Deposits vary from $0 to $1000 depending on the circumstances and company policy. The average is between $200 to $350.
Purchasing coverage is not mandatory. It is offered at the counter and sometimes on the booking websites. It is always best to check with your insurance carrier first to see if your personal insurance covers you for rentals.
Most car rental companies offer the following:
I. CDW/CDW: A damage waiver to cover the rental car
II. Liability: To cover the damages to third party
III.Personal accident : To cover injuries to yourself and passengers
IV. Personal effects : To cover belongings + personal property in vehicle
V. Supplemental liability: Excess coverage to your existing liability insurance limits.
Some credit cards offer collision coverage for damages to the rental car if their credit card is used at the time of rental. However, the claims and payment for damages is limited and long delayed in most cases. Fees such as (tow/storage/loss of use) are usually not covered and may come out of your own pocket expense.
Yes. Most car rental companies allow additional drivers (some charge fees). Additional drivers must meet regular requirements (age, license, etc.).
Most major car rental companies run a credit check at the counter. However, independently owned car rental companies do not require a credit check.
When renting a car with cash only, some independently owned car rental companies require return flight tickets, itinerary, and sometimes your passport.