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About Us

At Car Rental Help Center we help all renters access the reservations they need. 

Travel Domestically

We have a network of operators throughout the U.S. We connect you to agencies that can provide your specific reservation needs.

Travel Internationally

Need a car rental outside of the U.S.? We operate internationally. Tell us where you’re going and the type of reservation you need.  

Partner with us

Interested in collaborating with our network? We believe in the power of cooperation to grow businesses and improve the travel industry.  

Who We Are

Our Mission

We exist to help all traveling customers by connecting them to a network of businesses that serve their needs.

Our Values

We believe in improving access to equity, information and alternatives within the car rental industry.

Connecting Customers to a Network of Car Rental Alternatives

At Car Rental Help Center we provide a centralized network of independent and franchise car rental operators specializing in alternative car rental solutions. Through this network we connect customers to the specific companies able to provide the service they need.

We have over 25 years working with customers and businesses in the car rental industry

Our network includes partners that specialize in alternative solutions

Our network is international with partners serving travelers worldwide

Our technology and customer service responds to your request with instant support.

Car Rental Help Center Is Here to Assist You

Customers can find the process of renting a vehicle frustrating, limiting or even impossible. We provide access to the information you need when renting a vehicle and help customers that other companies won’t bother helping.

Reservation canceled?

Larger companies and OTAs are notorious for overbooking and suddenly canceling your reservations. We can find you an immediate alternative.

Under 21 or 25?

Renting a car as a young driver can be challenging. We connect you with companies able to help and their specific policies.

International license?

Some companies may not accept your international documents. We find any agencies who can accept the documentation you have.

Paying cash, prepaid or 3rd party?

Only limited companies accept cash deposits, prepaid or payment on behalf of the driver. We’ve got those companies for you.

Need a specific vehicle?

We have partners in our network that may have the type of vehicle you need that is hard to find.

Worried about hidden fees?

We require your quote to include all fees so you are informed exactly what you will be paying with no surprises.

Company History

We have been assisting car rental customers for over 25 years. Our experience over the years has helped us understand the most common policies and practices that hinder those trying to rent a vehicle. We created the Car Rental Help Center in response to those challenges providing our customers with a simple and streamlined solution to their transportation needs.

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